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Gerald J. Ryan Summer Camp Golf Outing 2019

The Gerald J. Ryan Summer Camp at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church in Wyandanch has served the community for nearly 40 years. We enroll 150 children in Grades One through Six. Our goal is to foster the growth of self-esteem in our children as we give them educational and recreational opportunities that would not be readily available to them.

Our goal is to foster the growth of self-esteem in our children as we give them educational and recreational opportunities that would not be readily available to them. The summer camp has an educational component, which is reinforced by our staff of dedicated certified teachers. . The summer camp allows the children of Wyandanch to get off the streets and into classrooms where they have the opportunity to grow and feel safe during the summer. Campers are encouraged to build friendships, set goals and aspirations for the future.

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Long Island Catholic Applauds Thanksgiving Package Tradition Organized by the Ryan Outreach Center!


The parish hall of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church in Wyandanch was humming with activity on Sunday, Nov. 19, as approximately 150 volunteers of various ages and faith backgrounds worked feverishly to assemble bags of Thanksgiving Day food that would be distributed to people in need living in the communities surrounding the church.

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Joe Gibbons’ Update Report From 9/19

–Basketball Clinic: this year, Adventureland sponsored the clinic by donating 150 basketballs, snacks and water. Alfie, their mascot, came and participated in all the drills to the delight of the campers! 92 degree weather on blacktop can get very hot but Alfie was a hero and stayed in role and costume the entire time. Joe Gibbons Jr and Justin Hassenfeld ran the clinic and the pictures on the website says it all! It was cute that the campers wanted Alfie to autograph their basketballs.

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Ryan Outreach Staff Help Get the Ball Rolling!


FROM THE DESK OF JOE GIBBONS (Ryan Outreach Board President) — May 19th / Reporting after the 2nd of 8 scheduled clinic Mondays.

The Police Officers of the First Precinct, the Police Athletic League, some St John the Baptist DHS coaches, the TOB parks team, Councilman and Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez, the Outreach Center, and a few local Wyandanch parents are using focused, community-building actions to help bridge the gap between local law enforcement and Wyandanch youth.

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New Bishop John Barres Visits the Ryan Outreach

March 25th

Our new Bishop in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, John O. Barres, came to be the celebrant of the 9:30am mass at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Tuesday, March 25th.

Afterwards, he visited the Gerald J. Ryan Outreach and was given the “grand tour” by Joe, Noelle Naycha and others.

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OLMM and Pastor Bill Brisotti Featured in National Publication


Bill, during the past 42 years, you have lived and labored in Wyandanch, reputedly one of the most economically challenged areas on Long Island. How did this assignment come about?

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Ryan Outreach Golf Outing a Day to Remember: May 25th


The rumor going around on May 25th was that Father Bill Brisotti was in charge of the weather. And having conscientiously served the OLMM parish and Wyandanch community for the past 40 years – Fr. Bill’s prayers were answered from “on high” with a day of perfect golf weather!  There was brilliant sunshine, 85 degrees temps, and a cool ocean breeze–making any humidity a non-factor. It was the best possible weather, in fact.

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OLMM Pastor William Brisotti Receives Special Award From St. Joseph’s College

Named after the College’s motto, Esse Non Videri: “To be, not to seem,” the Sister Elizabeth Hill Esse Non Videri Non-Violence Award is presented annually to individuals who exemplify compassion, social engagement and spirituality in the pursuit of social justice and peace. Recipients are chosen for their commitment to a nonviolent way of life and efforts toward bringing about peace, perhaps in an individual or personal situation, or to the wider community or world.

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Executive Director Noelle Campbell Awarded

The Gerald Ryan Outreach Center’s Director, Noelle Campbell has achieved special recognition from State Senator Phil Boyle, and will be receiving an award on Thursday, February 4th. Noelle is one of 12 outstanding contributors to our region of Western Suffolk County–in connection with Black History Month (February). Noelle’s hard work, dedication and determination are well-known to anyone and everyone connected to the Ryan Center, and so it is with great pleasure that we congratulate Noelle and applaud her very tangible achievements.

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Gerald J. Ryan Outreach Homeless Shelter

This program was started by Board Member, Joseph Gibbons, in response to the call for churches and community centers to provide shelter for the homeless within the Town of Babylon. This initiative was a first and provided an overnight stay for countless men and women on Tuesday nights. The Shelter operated from January to April assisting with temporary shelter from the cold, clothing including hats, gloves, undergarments and toiletries.

Please watch the video reported on Newsday.com

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