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As you know, our summer camp is in full swing with 75 kids registered and more being added daily!

On day three, a CBS van with a camera crew and reporter showed up to film a story on Island Harvest and their summer lunch program. Although we only had about an hour’s notice, I thought it worked out well.

Watch the Video and Read the Story

With the hot weather, the kids have really been enjoying their pool time on Monday and Friday afternoons; Linda Kagen sponsored two ice cream events so each child was able to have a soft serve cone from the ice-cream truck; I enjoy watching them eat their cones, after three hours in the pool, and savoring the moment.

Picture day! Jonathan Freiberger of Freiberger Haber LLP is also a hobbyist photographer. For the past 20 years or so Jonathan has been taking photos of the campers; they get dressed up and the girls get their hair done for this occasion as they each get their individual photo to take home. This year, the mothers of three different campers were campers themselves so we will photoshop each mother’s camp picture with this year’s picture of their child; this should make for some nice memorabilia.

One interesting data point is that we have seen successful parents, who were once campers, bring their child or children back to our camp. They feel that it is important for their kids to obtain the same camp experience as it had a positive impact on their development; that is a compliment to our camp. Not all children are as lucky; a majority of our children this year simply do not have the funds for camp although the registration fee is heavily subsidized.

We bought towels for all campers and bathing suits and sneakers for many; but, these are the children this camp was created for and we welcome them with open arms. A shelter child deserves the camp experience just as much as any other children, and hopefully, they will grow up to be successful and send their children here.

Gerald Ryan Outreach fishing trip

The fishing trip aboard the Bay Princess out of Captee, sponsored by the Veroline Family (again), was a great success. We had perfect weather; imagine the added excitement onboard when two campers caught sharks! Each child caught something (with a little help from the mates): short fluke, 5 keeper fluke, sea robins, spider crabs, and a big skate. We make sure to take a photo of each camper with their catch; these are printed and handed out the next day. The campers are very proud of the pics and love to take them home.

If anyone would like to sponsor a $200 pizza day or a $200 pool ice cream day, please let me know.

An anonymous family sponsored a Chinese Lunch this week, and that is always a hit!

Movie day this week and Adventureland next week.



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