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The Soccer Clinic is in full swing and we have more children this year than ever. If you want to witness these children in action… on a Monday night, come down to Wyandanch Park and watch the kids play as their parents look on. Our dedicated coaches and police officers are great and this event definitely helps solidify community relationships. On Monday, June 13th we are having the Soccer Clinic BBQ at the outreach and need a few more grills and cooks to help make 200 hamburgers and 200 hot dogs! Let me know if you can help.

With the baby formula shortage getting worse, if you or anyone you know has outgrown a formula and the expiration date is still good – we will take it here at the Outreach and distribute to mothers in need. I cannot imagine being a first-time parent with a one-month-old baby and not being able to find the specific formula they need. Hey, if you are in a store and see formula on the shelf buy a can or two and donate. We have some Similac but need any type of Enfamil. If you know anyone in need of a specific type of formula let me know and we can try and find it for you.

Summer camp registrations are being distributed, our goal as always is to have 30% of the children be homeless, shelter, or foster children.

Our senior community and all those we serve are feeling the effects of the cost of living index increasing the cost of basic food. Every week the price of milk, eggs, any meat, and all food items go up on a weekly basis. Those on fixed incomes are especially hit hard. We are seeing more first-time food requests from local seniors. It is getting increasingly difficult to maintain our food levels at the Outreach, but so far we are ok.

The Prom Dress distribution was great, special thanks to PO Dara Caramanico- Broyles from the 1st, PO Eileen Emiddio from the 5th, and PO Dana Deshler from the 4th Precinct. Kelly Urena from Wyandanch School District was able to distribute. Special thanks to the Dembrowski and the Shuff family for their contributions of dresses as well. You had to hear the students scream as Mike DelPercio and I walked the dresses into school.


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