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Just a quick update from the Outreach Center here in Wyandanch!

We have now learned to adapt our services to meet all Covid protocols and are in full production mode, providing food, winter coats, and a host of social services to our clients and our street people. We are distributing food to an average of 45 families per day (depending on weather). St Hugh’s Project Hope has been donating hundreds of dozen eggs and half-gallon milk cartons weekly; that is a considerable help as there is nothing better than fresh milk! When we can, we also share this donation with other charities in Wyandanch, Amityville, and Bay Shore that also have a need.

The Catholic Health Mobile Bus will be at the Outreach on Wednesday, January 24th to offer free Flu vaccines. This new bus and a Catholic Health RN will be here from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM; no insurance is required and they offer senior shots for those over 65. A few weeks ago, we hosted this service and vaccinated many of our clients and neighbors. If you still haven’t gotten your flu vaccine, come on down!

We are working with a few agencies to host another community-based Covid Vaccine and Booster Pop Up as we did in the spring last year; more to follow soon I hope. For this, I may need a few volunteers.

Many thanks again to Felix Berenstein and Berenstein for his continued donations of high-quality 3 ply masks. We have been distributing them to our clients, other agencies in need, and the Wyandanch School district. This is helping the entire Wyandanch Community. If you are a charity and need masks, contact me.

We are also looking to source some Covid Home test kits for our clients and the Spice of Life ladies. If you can help or have any information in this regard, please let me know. None are available in the Wyandanch retail stores and many of our clients do not have transportation to other towns or the actual funds to purchase.

The Holiday distributions are over and our clients were especially appreciative of the three new toys which were given for each child as well as the holiday food baskets; the weather also held out nicely to accommodate our distributions. We could not have done this without the four Outreach Staff members and our hard-core volunteers who did all the manual tasks required for this initiative. After the last day of distribution, I texted all eleven volunteers, thanking them for their service; I copied Father Bob, asking him to send an extra blessing to this motley crew. Fr, Bob came back and aptly responded to the group “But please know that you are the Blessing!” At that point, I realized that everyone on this list is a blessing to the Outreach and our clients! No matter how small or large, I thank you for your contribution to us here in Wyandanch, especially the children and seniors.

Nice to see the sunlight lasting longer each day and our thoughts are turned to our spring initiatives and our clients’ needs.

One small “ask” – we are in need of cans of soup as this is one of the items that goes in every food bag and our supplies are running low. With 45 families per day, we go through approximately 225 cans of soup per week.

The January 1st polar bear plunge (our 24th consecutive year) was a breeze this year with great weather! This is a celebration of Life and a sign that we will have a good new year!!


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