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Back to School Backpack program: over 350 backpacks were distributed this year.  This is only possible because of your generous donations. 

Homeless Shelter: Of the forty one people we hosted each night during last year’s Homeless Shelter Program, seven have become Outreach Center Clients.  Five of the men and two of the women have found permanent housing (local rooms to rent) and now have jobs.   That is positive, forward movement for 17% of our Homeless base.

We have been receiving a steady stream of funds, frozen food, clothing and quality toys from the crew at Harbor Seafood, we appreciate this company's effort to support the Outreach Center and our children. 

Outreach Center: We have been working with a young girl and her parents for a few years (it took them 5 months to trust us enough to see where they live), they live in an unheated room which is one half of a one car garage with no window or outside door and is lighted with a naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Before we gave them one of our shelter cots, the young girl and her mother slept on the cement floor on cardboard. They share a bathroom with many families and single men. 

This is not a secure nor humane living conditions. The father works 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for $300.  The young girl would get eye infections (7 in 9 months) and the doctors attribute these to her living environment. The parents speak an indigenous language and cannot communicate with anyone except their daughter.  As I was describing this to a parishioner who helps me with the PAL Soccer clinic and the Homeless Shelter, he asked to meet this family.  

A week later, he told me he will fund an apartment to get the family off the cement floor and get some heat, an incredibly generous gesture.  This week, we are moving the family to a two bedroom apartment and this will be the first time in this 13 year-old girl’s life where she will have her own bed.  Scott Veroline also heard of this situation and gave a nice donation to purchase beds and other items for this family.  This is what the Outreach Center does best, we help the people in desperate need, regardless who they are! 

For All!  Thank you for your continued support.

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